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36. I was in the gym earlier and decided to jump on the treadmill. People were giving me weird looks, so I started jogging instead.

37. The boating store was having a big sale on canoes. There were lots of people there, It was quite the oar deal.

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68. What do you call someone who is bad at sports but likes to participate? A try athlete.

69. Camping is the best extreme sport, It’s in tents.

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137. What do you call a lady in goal? Annette!

138. I told my girlfriend I had a new job in a bowling alley.. She said “Tenpin?” I said, “No, it’s permanent.”

Interested in Sport Tav Chlordane

202. I knew my wife was a keeper the first time I ever saw her. She was wearing massive gloves!

203. What’s the difference between a Celtic fan and a coconut? You can get a drink out of a coconut!

Tav Chlordane Interested in Sport

What is the name of the small Chinese sportsman Knee High

What’s a Dominatrix’s favorite sport? Kickball

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