US Sports Scholarships

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The chances of getting a full scholarship for sports in any American college is just 1%. The sports are really just restricted to American football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and Track and Field.

Hitting speeds

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Badminton Malaysia’s Tan Boon Hoeng hit a badminton shuttle 493 km/h American Maurice Allen drove a golf ball 339.6 km/h The Jai Alai pelota is 3/4 the size of a baseball and harder than a golf ball and has been recorded at 302 km/h Australian Cameron Pilley has hit a squash ball 281.6 km/h Samuel Groth from Australia hit a ... Read More

Let and Stroke in Squash

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To stop all the arguments on the court, here is the difference very simply. A let is when your opponent stops you getting to play the ball, and a stroke is when your opponent is in the way of the ball travelling towards the front wall when you are going to hit it.

Squash rackets

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Harrow School in the 1800s is the birthplace of squash rackets, which then became known as squash.

Squash ball colours

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White ball – Used on a glass exhibition court in competitions. Double Yellow Dot – Slowest ball and used in competitions Single Yellow Dot – A bit slower than the Red dot. Red – Fastest ball, used by beginners.

Mexico 1968


Mexico City was the first games to use a synthetic track. Before that, cinder tracks were used. The first few Modern Olympics saw their Track and Field events run on the grass.


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Sumo wrestlers are known as ‘Rikishi’ informally and in a formal way, they are referred to as Sumotoris

Maillot à pois rouges

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The winner of the ‘King of the Mountains’ wears a white jersey with red dots (maillot à pois rouges in French), which is commonly referred to as the ‘polka dot jersey’. The jersey was introduced in 1975. The colours were decided by the then sponsor, Poulain Chocolate, to match a popular sweet which was wrapped in red and white.

Boycott of the 1976 Olympic Games


The 1976 Montreal Games were marred by the boycott of mostly African countries because of the IOC’s refusal to ban New Zealand. The reason the countries wanted the ban was that the New Zealand’s Rugby Union team, The All Blacks continued to play against South Africa, a country banned by the IOC because of its Apartheid regime. In total, 28 ... Read More

Why is Table Tennis called Ping Pong?

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In the original rules of Ping-Pong, the ball had to bounce on your side of the table before going over the net after you hit it. In modern day Table Tennis, the ball must be hit directly over the net onto the opponent’s half of the table; it is this extra bounce that gave the game the 0nomatopoeic name. ‘Ping-Pong’ ... Read More

Are you eligible to play for the Barbarians?

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Well, the only criteria a player must fulfill to receive an invitation from The Barbarians to play are that the player’s rugby is of a good standard and that they behave themselves on and offthe field. Yet a barbarian is a human who is perceived to be uncivilised or primitive! Remember that famous Gareth Edward’s ‘try’, starting in the Ba ... Read More

Indirect free kicks only

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The original free kick in football was always Indirect (the ball had to be passed before a goal can be scored). It was adopted
into the game in 1877. Later, for more serious fouls, the Direct Free Kick was added to differentiate between the violence and
injures caused by the more serious fouls.

Why is a boxing ring square?

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The reason they are called ‘rings’ is that in boxing the original contests were fought in a drawn circle on the floor. The Jack Broughton rules in 1743 had a small circle in the centre of the fight area where the boxers met at the start of each round.The Pugilistic Society in 1838 is who we can thank for the ... Read More

That’s no excuse

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Official baseball rules state that an umpire may not be replaced during a game except if he becomes ill, injured or if he dies!  

No fouls in Football

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In the original set of football rules, there was no ‘foul’ included. The reason for this was that football was a game played by gentlemen and a foul would have been ungentlemanly behaviour. An apology to the player fouled was all that was needed.